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Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre

Entry Form

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Please include: Your name. Name of Educational institution. Name of all band members (must be employed at your school, university or ed institution). Name of Band

What are the RULES?

R18 Gig

1. The competition is hosted by King's School and is open to all groups of individuals in the Education Industry.

2. Each band will be given 15 minutes to impress the judges and audience. It is entirely up to the bands how they fill this. Any style of music is fine, covers and originals both equally acceptable.

3. Maximum of 10 members per band.

4. Each band must purchase and sell 20 tickets to on sell to friends @$10 each.

5. PA, mics,drums, 2 guitar amps and a bass amp will be provided. Band members must bring all other instruments and equipment

6. Bands may combine across Educational institutions in a joint venture.

7. Judging will be by high profile musos representing 60% of the final score the remaining 40 points will be given by the sound engineer who have seen billion bands.

8. Each band member must prove they are employed by an Educational Institution and must only represent one band.

9. Only one band per institution.

10. No pre recorded accompaniments allowed